Celebrate México Now, a groundbreaking citywide festival, offers an introduction to the vanguard of contemporary Mexican art and culture. In the 1980s and 1990s, Mexico experienced a cultural boom that generated new artists, ideas, and forms of expression. Cross-disciplinary collaborations and collectives, focused on reexamining and redefining Mexican identity within a global context, sprung up in the country’s major urban centers.

Celebrate México Now presents this thriving generation of artists in an annual festival that encompasses cuisine, dance, film, literature and music. Celebrate México Now is produced by CN Management, an arts consulting and management group headed by Claudia Norman. The festival was first held in 2004, and over the past six years, Celebrate México Now has helped bring over 200 artists and projects to more than 60 of New York’s leading cultural institutions, proving that Mexico is overflowing with creativity in every discipline, and that New Yorkers from all backgrounds find these artists and their work invigorating, insightful and meaningful.

Celebrate Mexico Now is produced by CN Management:

Claudia Norman > Festival Founder + Director
Ares Casado > Assistant to Director
Alyssa Alpine > Writing + Marketing Consultant
Diana Vargas> Public Relations / Spanish Media
Rock Paper Scissors > Public Relations / English Media
Revolucion > Public Relations / English + Spanish Media
Ana Bellinghausen > Spanish Editor + Logistics
Vox Collective > Branding
Juan Pablo Cuervo > Design

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