Festival 2021


  • Reencuentros – Obras para la pantalla en tiempos de confinamiento: For dance, the pandemic entailed a sudden absence of spaces where the practice usually happens. After the screening, there will be a talk with artists Gustavo Lara, Stephanie Sherman, Stephanía Fierro and the curator of this program, Hayde Lachino, to discuss the meaning of creating during these complex times. Moderated by Stephanie Garcia in English and Spanish. (Online) 


  • Film Screening of Yolik (Despacio) by Epifanía Martínez Rosete: The experiences Linda, well into old age, shares with those around her, keeping her childhood memories alive: what her parents taught her and the places where she grew up. (Online) 
  • Film Screening of Tote_Abuelo by María Sojob: While braiding her daughter’s hair, Maria thinks of Tote, her only living grandparent, who is now going blind. (Online) 


  • Cantina Cuir – Una noche de música y canciones con Renee Goust at Terraza 7: A night of original songs about gender equality, the LGBTQIA+ experience, immigration, and other social justice issues featuring surprise special guests. (Queens) 


  • Malintzin – The Indigenous woman role in the history of Mexico: Within the framework of the 500th anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec Empire), linguist and writer Yásnaya Elena A. Gil and historian Federico Navarrete discuss the role of the Indigenous woman in Mexico ‘s history. Moderated by: Nallely Tello. (Online) 
  • Conversatorio, “En esta familia”: Las realizadoras de los documentales Tote_Abuelo, María Sojob, y Yolik (Despacio), Epifanía Martínez, conversan con Concepcíon Suárez, especialista en género y pueblos originarios. Programación y moderación: María Inés Roqué. (Online) 


  • Call for Action – Artists at the Helm: A spirited conversation among 3 members of the Asociación Nacional de Teatros Independiente (ANTI) Mexican National Association of Independent Theater, created in April 2020 as a necessary response to the total shutdown created by the Pandemic. Featuring Fernando Lopez Mateos, Raquel Araujo and Jessica Sandoval. (Online)