• CANTINA CUIR: A NIGHT OF MUSIC AND SONGS WITH RENEE GOUST: A night of original songs about gender equality, the LGBTQIA+ experience, immigration, and other social justice issues featuring surprise special guests. Mexican-American singer-songwriter Renee Goust, known for her viral feminist hits “La cumbia feminazi” and “Querida Muerte (No nos maten)”, performing works from her album Resister, a bilingual folk album by, for, and about women and women-identifying folks.


  • FILM SCREENING: TOTE_ABUELO. While braiding her daughter’s hair, Maria thinks of Tote, her only living grandparent, who is now going blind. She decides to visit him at his ranch to get to know him, and herself, better by learning about his history while contemplating the sunlight through the trees. In the process of weaving a traditional hat, she will seek to weave a relationship with him, hoping to create an ancestral connection with nature and her own roots. Maybe that will be part of the path towards reconciliation with herself and the offering of a more serene love to her daughter.
  • FILM SCREENING: YOLIK. The experiences Linda, well into old age, shares with those around her, keep her childhood memories alive: what her parents taught her and the places where she grew up. Linda shows she can age with dignity without letting go of her identity. Going slowly does not mean stopping.


  • MALINTZIN: THE INDIGENOUS WOMAN´S ROLE IN THE HISTORY OF MEXICO. Within the framework of the 500th anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztec Empire), linguist and writer Yásnaya Elena A. Gil and historian Federico Navarrete discuss the role of the Indigenous woman in Mexico’s history. Navarrete and Gil explored the importance of approaching the stereotyped figure of “that extraordinary person that was Malintzin, Malinalli or doña Marina, badly known as La Malinche” from different viewpoints.
  • CALL FOR ACTION: ARTISTS AT THE HELM.  A spirited conversation among 3 members of the Asociación Nacional de Teatros Independiente (ANTI) Mexican National Association of Independent Theater, created in April 2020 as a necessary response to the total shutdown created by the Pandemic. In this expansive panel discussion, we learned the extraordinary strategies that the 30 independent Mexican venues that constitute ANTI have relied upon to continue operation, generate new artistic collaborations, maintain spaces of reflection, and otherwise continue their missions to provide space for interdisciplinary artistic projects.
  • CONVERSATORIO: EN ESTA FAMILIA. Para este evento, las realizadoras de los documentales Tote_Abuelo, y Yolik (Despacio),  conversan con Concepcíon Suárez, especialista en género y pueblos originarios.  En dos entornos étnicos distantes, y desde el espacio íntimo, conocemos al abuelo artesano de María, y la tía abuela de Epifanía, sembradora de ajos que vive despacio. Su presencia y sus palabras nos conectan con cosmovisiones milenarias, donde la familia y el afecto tienen mucho para enseñarnos. Programación y moderación: María Inés Roqué.


  • REENCUENTROS: WORKS FOR THE SCREEN IN TIMES OF LOCKDOWN: For dance, the pandemic entailed a sudden absence of spaces where the practice usually happens. Studios and theaters shut down to protect life, so artists were confined in their homes without the possibility of coming together. However, faced with an urgency to respond, choreographers, dancers, teachers, and students turned the situation around. Homes became theaters, studios, rehearsal rooms—encounter spaces for dance to keep going through the internet and its various platforms for connection. The works in this selection account for different processes at various moments in lockdown, which show how dance, in spite everything, continues to move.

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