Contemporary Mexican Photography with Martha Naranjo Sandoval

For the fourth occasion, Celebrate Mexico Now and Baxter St, partner to bring you an interactive conversation with Mexican photographer and visual artist Martha Naranjo Sandoval, in which she will discuss her practice. Attendees will have the opportunity to view her unique stereo collages through a special slide viewer and to flip through a large collection of photographs from her archive.

Martha Naranjo Sandoval is a Brooklyn-based photographer and visual artist from Mexico City. Her work focuses on the materiality of image; in the difference between how time is portrayed in moving and still image; and in how images gain significance culturally. 

She makes stereoscopic collages, light installations, multimedia installations, slideshows, and books. She works with different mediums using obsolete technology designed to remember. Most of her pieces start with Family Recordings (home videos, family albums, travel postcards), which she is interested in because it is a kind of vernacular photography that is important to whoever took it but not to a lot of other people.

This event is presented in collaboration with Baxter St Camera Club of New York.

Event information

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Time:  6:00 pm

Venue: The Camera Club of New York

Address: 126 Baxter ST, New York, NY 10013

Map and Directions

Phone:  (212) 260-9927

Tickets: FREE event but limited space.


Private event, 21+