Pop Up Gallery

“What you see is what you get” /“Lo que ves es lo que hay”. An Erick Montes/Danceable Projects, M.O.H., S&S Production

Pop Up Gallery follows the concept that the hospitality businesses has been using since the early 2000’s to expose their products to a wide range of customers. In the case of ​ Pop Up Gallery​ is basically the same but inverse: audiences will encounter a wide range of art disciplines in one space, encouraging for the no “overthinking” of art as a whole but instead the pleasure of just experiencing it at once like a tasty scoop of ice cream or a well-prepared chicken chorizo “torta” down the street.

On this occasion Pop Up​ Gallery will feature works by Karla Carballar, Erick Montes and improvisational works by musician Zeb Gould, among other surprises.

Event information

Sat, Oct 29, 2016