Erick Montes /Danceable Project

 Agora-Lítico is an interdisciplinary work in three acts, where the collaboration between music, light design and visual art come together in a poetic journey through Meditation, Manifestation and Realization.

Utilizing tools of creation as repetition and movement accumulation embedded in a full improvisation discourse, the artists navigate in the process of movement creation using this principle to play with movement as a metaphor, movement as instigator and movement as a physical/kinetic entity.

The show is an open invitation to the intimacy of the choreographer as individual and a window to the performing artists in the act of creation.

Led by Erick Montes, Artistic Director of the Shortfellow Danceable Projects, alongside collaborators Sam Crawford, Jonathan Belcher and Karla Carballar, the ensemble uses the stage as a catalyst to imprint their vision of the world and its realities. Is this world just a planet on orbit or perhaps a lonely man in the middle of an alley? Is this reality a result of us? Montes quotes best-selling author Junot Díaz, winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction:
“The real question to it is not what happened at the individual level, the real question to me is: What happened at the collective level?”

Event information

Friday October 28 & Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Advance : $13 via Brown Tickets

Door/Cash Only: $15