El Llano en llamas, Pedro Páramo y otras obras (En el centenario de su autor)

Juan Rulfo (1917-1986) was a Mexican writer, screenwriter, and photographer, best known for two books: “El Llano en llamas,” a collection of short stories published in 1953, and “Pedro Páramo”, from 1955. These two works were enough to secure Rulfo a place among the giants of Spanish-language literature.  

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, how can we remember Juan Rulfo? Where does the genius of his work, tinged by the aura of perfection, lie? What’s Rulfo’s influence in today’s world literature?

Compiled into five sections, the book, keenly and enthusiastically, delves into his classics “El llano en llamas” (The Burning Plain), “Pedro Páramo” and other minor titles.

Written by prestigious scholars from universities in Germany, Belgium, Spain, United States, France, England, Mexico and Switzerland, the articles focus on some of the lesser-known short stories (“El hombre” and “Paso del Norte”), pose a novel discussion about one of his most talked about pieces (“Lluvina”); vindicate Rulfo as well versed in the Bible; reflect on “El Gallo de Oro” (The Golden Cockerel); transcribe a series of interviews with filmmakers who were inspired by Rulfo, and promote a comparative analysis between Rulfo and Nellie Campobello, Julio Llamazares y José Agustín.

The book ends with a reflective essay about the most important interpretations on Rulfo and paves a new ground to approach the mystery of his fiction and the emotional process that stems from it.

A must-read book to remember and celebrate one of the finest novelists and short-story masters in Spanish.

Pedro Ángel Palou, professor of Latin American Studies and Chair of the Romance Languages Department at Tufts University, will present the new book on Rulfo: “El Llano en llamas, Pedro Páramo y Otras Obras (En el Centenario de su autor)”

This program is made possible thanks to the support of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the King Juan Carlos I of Spain at the New York University (NYU)

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Monday, October 16
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